Little Blue Cabins - Bancroft, ON, Canada

Proposal for a Cabin Community; to walk alongside the unhoused in Bancroft & surrounding municipalities towards safe/warm housing and a fresh start in life.

LBC in a Nutshell...

These are the questions we get asked the most about Little Blue Cabins, along with the 'short' answers. All of this information can be found in greater detail within this website.

  • Address and Home for Unhoused:
    Crucial!! Without an address, a person has limited access to Social Services, Transportation, Identification, etc

  • Accessibility:
    Entire village built with a decking system to make ever cabin and building accessible for wheelchairs, walkers, etc.

  • 20 Individual Private Cabins:
    Propane heated, microwave, mini fridge, bed, bedding, storage, fire safety equipment, keypad entry, 2 windows, metal door

  • 1 Community Hub Building:
    Includes kitchen, showers, washrooms, laundry, computer room, offices, dining and living areas, outdoor living areas

  • Who Builds It?:
    Volunteers, professionals, tradespeople, students, you and I

  • Who Pays for It?:
    Donations, in-kind services, grants, fundraising

  • 24/7 Staff:
    Trained, along with 'lived life' experience

  • Trauma & Crisis Prevention Training:
    All staff, volunteers & residents: Provided by Melissa Armstrong Coaching

  • Location:
    Just outside of town with BCT transportation

  • Co-Governed by Housed & Unhoused Advisory Committees:
    Residents are part of the planning and operations along with volunteers from the community and LBC staff

  • Life Building & Enhancing Workshops:
    Life skills, computer training, kitchen training, art therapy, music, horticulture, exercise, etc.

  • Walking Alongside:
    Crucial to a 'Fresh Start in Life', helping people make good choices, have a direction and hope for their future, etc

  • Intake Process:
    Balanced approach, some in more need than others, some with leadership skills

  • Eligability:
    Unhoused, willing to be part of the Community

  • Length of Stay:
    No limit, expect 3 months to 3 years

  • Cost of Community Operations:
    Approx. $320,000 anually

  • Cost to House an Unhoused Person:
    $14,000 to $21,000

  • Cost to NOT House an Unhoused Person:
    $45,000 to $57,000

Walking alongside the unhoused in Bancroft & area towards a fresh start in life.