A Made in Hastings Highlands Approach to Affordable HousingA Made in Hastings Highlands Approach to Affordable Housing

The Numbers Behind the Crisis - Hastings County
A snapshot survey, taken across Hastings County on November 15, 2021 revealed the following…
• 2,330 households were on the Centralized Social Housing Waitlist.
• The average wait timefor housing for those on the Priority List was 14 months.
• 237 people were homeless, including 10 families looking after 26 children.
• People who were homeless in Bancroft were nearly twice as likely to have been homeless all year, compared to other communities.
•49 people were unsheltered (staying in outdoor public places or sheltered places not intended for human habitation).
• 37 individuals were staying in emergency shelters.
• 79 people were staying temporarily with others, commonly referred to as hidden homelessness. Source: Hastings County Homeless Enumeration Report November 2021

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