Guiding Principles

Respect For Human Dignity & Human Rights Residents are human beings first and foremost. Anything designed to serve or be provided must at all times preserve human rights and dignity.

Trauma- Responsive Care “There is a recognition that trauma-responsive care services also need to incorporate an organizational climate that is sensitive to those with trauma histories, and recognition that the quality of services delivered are impacted by the organizational culture in which service providers are employed”.

Wrap-Around Care means providing an appropriate, individualized care management process

Cohesion being cohesive is being as consistent, predictable, stable, and easy to understand as possible, as well as having well-coordinated connections and processes with service providers

Flexibility to be truly trauma-responsive and individualized in LBC’s approach to supporting residents, organizational/managerial flexibility is crucial in order to meet needs in safe ways.

Fostering Agency and Independence LBC seeks to be a foster agency and encourage independence among residents. Providing support as needed while ensuring the tools and resources are in place to enable residents to participate meaningfully, work to overcome barriers to permanent housing and achieve goals.

Inclusive Community LBC welcomes everyone, no matter the journey they’ve taken, and draws on diversities to strengthen community and develop potentials.