Cabin Community Phases of Development

This section will be updated regularly, with changes also being reflected in the NEWS section.

• Detailed research into three successful models (finished, but counting on them for more assistance)
• Create Proposal/Outline (finished with the exception of financials - location required)
• Create Website version of Proposal (finished)
• Create Logo to use on Web Site proposal and marketing (finished, thanks to local artist, Liz Raymond)
• Present proposal to potential land owners (has been done with one land owner, waiting for reply)
• Look for other potential land owners (in progress)
• Presented proposal to Town of Bancroft (Town has offered support for many items on this list and would like to help see this project through, however have no land available)
• Present proposal to whichever municipality land will be allocated
• Establish Training Program for Staff, Volunteers and Residents (being donated by Melissa Armstrong Coaching)
• Develop budgets for building and ongoing operations (started, but difficult without location)
• Create team to finish final Proposal (partial team has been developed)
• Register Charitable Organisation
• Open bank account
• Grant application process (we hope to work with the Town of Bancroft on this)
• Municipal requirements and bylaws – work with township on all matters
• Recruit Donations – money, labour, building materials, appliances, etc (underway)
• Establish Transportation contract 2-3 times per day if out of town (potential BCT partnership)
• Insurance – research and acquire
• Meet with people from the unhoused community in town to discuss proposal
• Present proposal to community agencies, social services, churches, municipalities, etc.
• Market proposal to general public (Facebook, web site, papers, radio)
• Begin fundraising campaign – establish online donation gateway
• Start intake process with currently unhoused people
• Clear designated property and create roadway access
• Start building cabins (HATS has had great success in using contractors working with high school students to build cabins)
• Secure water supply, propane, septic, waste removal, Internet contracts and hookups
• Arrange electricity hookup and delivery
• Acquire appliances and furniture
• Hire staff – potentially 2 full time and 2 part time covering 24/7 (with crisis training)
• Meet with social services, mental health services, corrections, etc to encourage the use of the community building in the village
• Arrange for ongoing food donations (potential partnership with the Community Cupboard)
• There is more.... but this will put things into perspective of what lies ahead

The above list is not necessarily sequential, as many things will have to happen simultaneously or in an order based on other items on the list. This proposal has been designed to promote the plan to build a Cabin Community that will help people achieve a 'fresh start'. It will take the entire Bancroft and surrounding area to come together, working toward a solution for the unhoused that has been on the hearts of so many of us. If you believe in a solution such as this please come alongside, and join in making this a reality.

Special thanks to Bill Johnston from Hamilton Alliance for Tiny Shelters - HATS, Chrystal Wilson from Our Livable Solutions - OLS and Carmen Guidi from Second Wind Cottages for providing such detailed information regarding the establishment of their villages. Their research and experience will be valuable and called upon many times throughout the process of establishing our own Cabin Community.