Our New Treasurer, Heather Johns

Financial Expert joins the LBC team of directors as Treasurer


5/5/20231 min read

Heather Johns - Director of LBC Board - TreasurerHeather Johns - Director of LBC Board - Treasurer

A Heart of Gold has Joined the Board!
A graduate of McMaster University, Heather Johns has lived in Bancroft, Ontario since 2000. She has been active in the community in a number of volunteer and financial services capacities over the years and is a past president of the Bancroft and District Chamber of Commerce.

Heather has served on several Boards, and is currently a Director for North Hastings Community Trust. We are so excited that Heather Johns will be taking the position of Treasurer for the Board of Directors of Little Blue Cabins. Welcome Heather!

Find out more about Heather on her website heatherjohnsfinancial.com