Painting HOMELESS by Ken Balmer

Ken Balmer's painting, HOMELESS captures life as it is for some people. We are so thankful for Ken and his generosity of time and talents.

5/30/20231 min read

Original oil over acrylic on gallery canvas by Ken Balmer
Original oil over acrylic on gallery canvas by Ken Balmer

We are so honoured to have Ken on our Board of Directors, and this incredibly generous donation of artwork blows us away! This piece is so powerful, and reflects the situation perfectly. This is the only heat and comfort many people in our community will receive this winter, in our -25 temperatures. We love your heart Ken! Thank you so much for all (and there is lots) you are doing for Little Blue Cabins. Your friend, Kev (Chair of LBC)

HOMELESS by Ken Balmer

My town of Bancroft has decided it's time to walk alongside our neighbours who face the combined challenges of homelessness, mental illness, addiction and unemployment. The Town itself provided the donation to incorporate and register 'Little Blue Cabins' as a transitional housing solution. I've joined the LBC Board to help make it happen.

As I tuned in, this painting of a homeless person keeping warm during this past, cruel winter emerged. If you would like to help, you can own this and your purchase price will be fully acknowledged as a charitable donation.

16"x40", oil over acrylic on gallery canvas