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Photo courtesy of Mary Milne

“We’re full force ahead” Little Blue Cabins chair gives update on grassroots transitional housing initiative

By Mary Milne

Friday, May. 17th, 2024

Little Blue Cabins is busy moving forward according to chair Kevin Taylor.

The not-for-profit aims to see 20 transitional housing cabins built on local land.

Taylor says the goal is not only to provide housing but a more holistic model where health care and community engagement are important aspects.

He also spoke about why he sees transitional housing as a long game.

“There’s no place for people that are unhoused to move into, that’s affordable and available,” said Taylor. “Even if they had that, they still may not be getting the counselling that they need, they may not be getting the job training they need, or education they need, or life skills they need.

“I call it a healthcare facility because I don’t want people to think that it’s a bunch of little tin cans just providing a roof over people’s heads. It is not that. It’s a long game. Until people are ready to be employed, pay their own rent, afford the crazy rents that are out there. It could be a while.”

Taylor said it was also still important for governments and communities to seek solutions to other housing needs.

“We still need the government to come up with some solutions for long term affordable housing and we still need the communities to come up with a solution for emergency housing. Because that won’t be what Little Blue Cabins is. It won’t be the emergency shelter. Folks entering it are entering as a participant, a resident. They’re fully planning on being there for quite a while. And walking alongside the other 19 people that are off on their path to a fresh start life”

Taylor said that while many details couldn’t be shared there is a ton of work ongoing behind the scenes.

“There’s certain things that you have to get your ducks in a row (about), and so I think I just want the community to know that this is not going away, this is going full force forward. We can only announce so many things.

“We have an amazing design and build team and we have potential land and we just have to do some backflips and jump through some hoops in order to make it all happen.”

Taylor spoke about some of the things going on in the background, from meetings about surveys and septic systems, to applying for charitable status and zoning changes. He also thanked board members who had been working hard to complete “intake processing”, which he explained are the set of rules that the participants in the housing initiative agree to.

“They just finished” said Taylor, “It was a huge project. I really thank Debbie Christie and Solitaire Robinson for putting that together. It was a big job and it was something that had to be done.”

In February, Little Blue Cabins announced its design and build team made up of surveyors, architects, designers, solar specialists and sustainable builders. All are volunteering their time and skills for the project, they include:

Pat Marcotte, Fraser Young, Adam Geyer, Rodney Geyer, Michael Gallo and Lara Van Driel.

Reno This Contracting also joined the team in March.